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Rodoslovni priročnik Slovenskega rodoslovnega društva
Genealogy Handbook of the Slovenian Genealogical Society

book, hardback, 165x235 mm, 132 pages [look inside]

Content authors: Matej Hohkraut, Jasmina Stanojević, Jožek Košir
Dictionary entries: Robert Fonda, Matej Hohkraut, Vlasta Knapič, Franci Rihtaršič, Jasmina Stanojević, Janez Toplišek
Copyedited by: Neva Šolinc
English translation: Tina Petek Steinbücher

ISBN 978-961-95098-0-7

The genealogy handbook is currently one of the most expansive and integral genealogy treatises in our part of the world. It contains the knowledge and experience of renowned Slovene genealogists, that, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Society, joined together the results of their many years of research to give you this handbook.

The key texts in the handbook have been translated into English as well. In this way, we have expanded the target audience onto a global scale and, hopefully, enabled them to do research in a Slovene language environment. The heart of the handbook is the genealogical dictionary, that joins together research results of several genealogists.



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