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Slovenian Genealogy Society was founded in 1994 with the aim to bring together knowledge and experience of genealogists and transmission of values thereby obtained. Functioning of the members of society is nonprofessional. With the unselfish and voluntary work benefits have been generated that are offered for free use of other members and non-members. Association does not carry out research upon request. Research is carried out by some members for clients independently-on their own.

The main activity of the Society is reflected in regular monthly meetings. At these, members keep each other informed on current affairs and important experience gained. In addition to the monthly meetings an expert talk by invited professional is organized.

Society issues genealogical journal Drevesa (The Trees).

These are the basic forms of work. In addition, individual members and rarely groups are tackling the tasks that go beyond their own research work. The results are almost without exception, offered for free use of the rest of society. Exceptions are particularly challenging projects such as printed publications, books, monographs, courses, exhibitions and similar. With all this the image of Slovenian genealogy is formed, which is known inside and outside of Slovenia.

Inspired by more experienced nations recommendations for work have been developed. On the same role models we are trying to provide useful tools and reference files in the area of genealogy. The principal activity of the SGS members is genealogical research.

With these everyone is lead to other areas such as: history, heraldry, diplomatics, geography, ethnology, statistics and many other disciplines.

Anyone wishing to receive occasional topical notices may be registered in the mailing list. Individuals can post their questions in the forum or join communication and sharing information via Twitter or other social media.

Anyone wishing to join the Slovenian Genealogy Society should complete the application form or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Slovenian Genealogy Society website is in Slovenian, but you can read it with the help of Google translation by starting here and choosing your preffered language at the bottom of the page.



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