Slovenian Family Tree

Are you interested in finding out where your lineage comes from, who your ancestors were, their names, birth places, weddings and where your current Slovenian relatives are? You can discover all this with your FAMILY TREE.

Where and how the research is done?

Most of the research is done through the precise examination of Catholic registers in individual parishes and the archiepiscopal archives in Ljubljana.

We can find your ancestors and their relatives from approximately the year 1780 on: names and surnames, weddings, number and names of children, places they lived, their social position (farmers, cottagers, workers etc.). Collected data needs to be precisely and clearly organized. Genealogists do that in a tablet format. Starting with you or your ancestor we travel back or forward in time.The tablet shows only your immediate ancestors: your parents, grandparents, great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers …

We are professional group of genealogists. That is why every information in the family tree has an indication about which register it comes from. Therefore, you can always check its accuracy!

PRICE: resarching your family tree & desing & printing poster& sending it via mail: 1150 USD
You pay after delivery!


We can find much more interesting information regarding your ancestors and the places they were born and lived in. We gather all the information in a booklet that tells the story of your family. The booklet has eight pages and is printed on quality hard paper. The size of the booklet is 12x8 inches, 8 - 12 pages.

PRICE: resarching your family tree & desing & printing poster + booklet & sending via mail:1620 USD

For all information we are available at this address:
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